The Yoga Postures of Level 2 exert a far reaching effect upon the body as well as the mind. Yoga exercises are psychomatic and so it's observed that these exercises not only influence the body, but one's entire personality. The continuation from Level 1 to Level 2 is a commendable step of your progress and will take you a further 3 months to properally complete. Practiced daily you will experience many wonderful benefits to your body posture and spine and energy levels. 

"Your heart is like the ocean into which thousands of rivers pour without overflowing. Your mind is like the clear sky, endless and free, raised high above this world. Your being is like the tree that gives its shade and yields sweet fruit to all. The tree does not cling to its fruit, nor withholds them from those who throw stones. Like your heart, the tree offers its fruit to all, no matter into whose hands they fall."   Swamiji

In order to fully appreciate and grasp the benefits of a Yoga practice it will be necessary to establish a daily, discipled practice. Like anything it take times to develop, and your body is the most essential tool you have, so enjoy the journey, and the daily practice. In the beginning regular practice seems like an extra addition to an already full schedule, but after some initial effort you'll see how your body looks forward to the practice, and setting a regular time aside for it become effortless, and joyfull.  


"Problems with blood pressure, back pain and other health complaints all benefit from regular practice. After some time it simply becomes a healthy habit, just like taking a shower - the Yoga practice is something we just do not want to miss"  Swamiji