A new level of Yoga practice ahead and an equally new level of development of consciousness. The step now is to consider more deeply the philosophy and spiritual aspects of Yoga. “Where do I come from?” “What is the meaning and purpose of life?” “What duty must I fulfil in this life?” And finally, “Where will I go after this life?”

Within the practice of “Yoga in Daily Life” the answers to these five vital questions can be found. Ultimately we can free ourselves from the wheel of destiny and attain the final and supreme goal of Yoga - liberation from Karma, death and rebirth.

Often one is tempted by the restless and changeable nature of the mind to break from the Yoga path and again try something new. Don't allow yourself to be tempted or change out of mere curiosity. The success you gain in Yoga can be likened to the care given to a tender plant - it will only grow and bear fruit under your gentle and loving care. If you repeatedly plant and replant a small seed, it will never gain the opportunity to take root and thrive. In the same way the flower of spirituality will only develop through patience, love and perseverance.