"Everything, even the smallest endeavour on the Yoga path, brings a multitude of gains. Those who do not give up, who practice regularly and continue with full confidence, will reach their goal"   Swamiji

 The Level 4 Asanas and practices are advanced, and thus require a more concetrated and slow practice, with this the influence deepens. Each Asana has a regulatory effect on the organs and glandular systems, the effects unfold during the Asanas and also during the short relaxation between each asana. Like all the Levels, this one too is practiced for 3 months. It's only in that length of time that the body and mind can truly adapt and adjust to the practice and reap the full rewards. This 3 month term is essential to follow for maximum benefit.


“The success of your actions lies in the strength of your inner conviction and self-discipline. Do not lose courage and never give up.” and “Whatever you have resolved to do, do it with firm determination. Success will be certain".